Monday, April 19, 2010

Quick Update in No Particular Order

School: One year and one final to go. I can't wait to rediscover happy hours when I graduate. Interestingly, because of programatic budget changes at the Leeds School of Business, I have the option to graduate one semester early. However, the program cost doesn't change. I learned in business school that it's unwise to pay $5,500 for air. I'll be getting final two class's worth, thanks.

Love: Amanda and I got back together in March and celebrated our one year anniversary in April. I planned to write a long epic post detailing how we got back together but it would have necessitated chronicling most of the last year, something that is hard to do. Since we reunited things have been great. We have already made summer plans for Rockies games, concerts galore, and camping. 

Work: I never really blog about work but I will say that 2010 is going better than 2009, which went better than 2008. One of the projects I'm working on is helping Paul write a poker book. 

Fitness: A nagging shoulder injury has sidelined me for the week. Currently I'm having trouble lifting this laptop. In the meantime I've been running a fair amount, albeit sporadically. 

Other: As I'm sure you noticed from the previous picture, I have a big bushy beard!  Also, blogger decided to get with the 21st Century and update itself. Now we have strikethrough.