Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Happy Birthday

Today I turn 29 years old, an age The Big Bopper, Kitty Genovese, and Heath Ledger failed to reach. My birthday began last night with a party at Jump Street in Thornton, where friends and family assembled for intense battles of trampoline dodgeball (pictures coming soon!). I had a wonderful time and have the ~black eye to prove it. Amanda baked delicious cherry almond cupcakes.

After dodgeball we went to the Castaways Lounge, a dive bar that appears to have been inspired in equal parts by Jimmy Buffet and Dale Earnhardt Jr. This nautical theme is consistent with Westminster's dolphin fountain so I felt right at home.

I have received awesome presents this year: tasty looking wine, a sweet backpacking thermos for cold climbs, a very fancy kite, deluxe Eddie Bauer ladder golf, and best of all... tickets to Green Day in August!

The best part of my birthday has been spending time with my friends and family. Thank you thank you.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


My mom is desperately trying to get me to attend the democratic caucus on Tuesday night. I find politics so depressing that in the past, I have just buried my head in the sands of ignorance and let others make the decisions affecting virtually every aspect of my civic life. I realize that logically I either must not care what happens or should fight to change it. It's just hard to feel that I'll be making a difference. Nevertheless, I guess I'll go and see what this "politics" thing is all about. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010


Since Amanda and I broke up, I've been eating better, and running a lot. I know that these are completely predictable and perfectly cliche but they feel good. Instead of getting a haircut, AKA the most cliche move of all time, I've begun growing a beard.

I've also been playing online poker.

Instead of trying to consciously choose how to feel, I've just been doing whatever feels right. Sometimes this involves listening to sad music, sometimes it involves midnight trips to King Soopers for broccoli. Mostly I've been spending more time with various friends.

I also signed up for a library card and have been devouring mountaineering books. These books really fall into two categories: 
  1. I survived a disaster and here are pictures (e.g. Into Thin Air, Annapurna, In the Hall of the Mountain King)
  2. I can't explain why I climb but I will try (Mixed Emotions, Above the Clouds, In the Shadow of Denali, Climb)
The best books combine the two. Walker has declared that he will climb Longs Peak this summer. I definitely plan to accompany him. My goal is to use the Bolder Boulder and possibly the Garden of the Gods half marathon as tune ups for 14er season.

I went dancing at the Mercury Cafe last Tuesday and had a wonderful time. If felt as if it my soul had let its hair down. I have at times described the swing scene as petty (and I even helped cause it to be so) but since the 23 Skidoo implosion of 2008, the scene has become more friendly and more supportive. Dancing on Tuesday, enveloped by great music (somewhat of a Merc rarity these days), I felt a wonderful combination of nostalgic, comforted, and Sasha Fierce.

The chief beneficiary of the breakup has been Roxy the cat. She never suffered for lack of affection but now I'm home every night and it's pretty easy to read with one hand and give Roxy love with the other. She has reclaimed her spot at the top of the bed. 

As for dating, I know I'm not ready but online profiles are siren songs. I set up a minimal profile and have been lurking. Even down the road, I don't know if I'll muster the energy to meet random people and hope for sparks. Perhaps in a few months...

Life is good. I am about to turn 29. I miss blogging but have struggled with how much to share.