Saturday, November 26, 2011

The annual Christmas list

What'd I'd really like is for our dog to stop eating the couch. Not sure they had any Black Friday specials on that...So I'm 30 now and honestly I have everything I need. I have just enough sweaters to fit into an awesome new (for us) armoire that Amanda and I refinished. That said, several people have asked me for a christmas list. Here are a few things that make me drool.

Matching fitted dress shirts (button down collar please) and ties or just ties to match the shirts I already own. I'm a size 15.5 34/35

A six to eight inch chopping knife. 
A tie tack such as this
A sandcast turquoise Belt Buckle such as this
Rolling carry-on Luggage (22 x 16 x 9). Please not black (or at least let it be patterned).
T-Shirts like this or this or this
Your favorite cds or any of these: The Gossip Music For MenMuse The Resistance Ceremonials by Florence & The Machine
Striped or argyle socks (I'm a size 10)