Saturday, February 27, 2010

Awkward Poker Media

These off the cuff interviews happen all the time in poker and they're almost always painful to watch.

Extra points for uncomfortable hair flip followed by lecherous boob ogle.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Truman Bradley is single

Since most of you read facebook before you see this, you probably already know.

I honestly don't really know what to say. We got off to a rocky start, patched things up, and then fell apart over the last four days. For the record, I do believe that online dating is possible and that there are amazing people out there because I met one. In the end, I don't think it was a good fit though.

Unlike a few past relationships, I didn't blog much about Amanda's and mine. I'm not sure whether that was good or bad.

I had a lot to do with this breakup. I was pretty self-centered during the relationship and although I didn't know it at the time, I made trying new things very scary and ugly. I was frequently unclear about communicating care and concern and I fought tooth and nail sometimes. I had difficulty showing empathy. These are all things I will work on. I also learned a lot of things and experienced a great deal of emotional growth, if you will. Perhaps a post on that later.

I believe Amanda and I will both be better off down the road but today I am sad.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Meadow Mountain 11,632'

(Please send me photos if you have them!)

On Saturday, Walker and I met up with Jeremy, Ryan and Mike Wanger, and two of Jeremy's friends: CJ and (it might have been) Robin. Originally Jeremy and I had planned on doing Mt. Audubon or Toll but with the added length of the Brainard Lake Rd being closed and a high avalanche warning for most of the front range, we decided to attempt Meadow Mountain, a much easier peak further north.

Apparently Meadow Mtn affords fantastic views of Longs Peak. As predicted however, it snowed for most of the day Saturday. We never had much visibility so seeing Longs wasn't going to be an option. We got a somewhat late start but moved quickly up the road to the Saint Vrain Trailhead. The trail heads west for quite some way before crossing a valley and then climbing up a "small" mountain in front of Saint Vrain Mtn. The trail was visible for the most part, but only just so because wind and heavy snowfall had filled much of it in.

We discussed board games, poker, and work. During one of the steeper sections, Robin and CJ called it a day. The five of us hiked up out of the trees and grabbed a 10 minute lunch before losing the trail shortly before gaining the ridge between Meadow and St Vrain Mtns. It didn't matter though because the route was obvious. Upon gaining the ridge, we left our snowshoes and began the final .3 mile push to the unimpressive summit. Here it began snowing in earnest, big fat flakes. The terrain consisted of slick snow covered rocks interspersed among deep pockets of wind blown powder. Those with poles excelled.

Shortly thereafter, we sat on the leeward side of a snowy windblock atop the summit and shared a piping hot cup of lapsong suchong tea, pored into Walker's thermos 6 hours earlier. It hit the spot. Knowing the falling snow was obscuring our tracks, we retraced our steps, descended back to treeline, and fairly flew down the now well-packed trail.

This is the perfect introduction to winter climbing. The route is very safe, and short enough that many have a good chance to summit.

Congrats to Mike, who had never before donned snowshoes. He broke trail longer than anyone else.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Paul!

I became friends with Paul when he invited me to his birthday party in 7th grade. Paul was extremely excited because his mom was taking us to a video arcade (obviously). I am terrible at video games but had a wonderful time playing side by side with Paul, slaying all the demons that we encountered. That night we went on the first of many tp-ing raids. The perfect start to a wonderful friendship.

Happy Birthday buddy!

My family and friends love me

I know this because they constantly give me health suggestions, and I appreciate that. It feels good that people care about me.

Several months ago, my mom suggested that dark beer might be causing me to have migraines. I tested this by forgoing all beer for two weeks and then drinking three stouts. I didn't get a migraine but I did get very bloated and quite tipsy.

The current suggestion (from Amber) is that I may be blowing my nose too hard. In the past, my nose blow has been likened to moose mating calls. *To me this is normal* To test this theory: For one week I will practice little pathetic wussy blows that don't get the snot out. Then I will attempt the mother of all nose blows and see what happens. Pictures?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Indian *peaks* Winter


Jeremy and I are planning a winter hike in the Indian Peaks Wilderness area nearby. Potential destinations include Mt. Toll or Mt. Audubon.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Part of my job entails scouting opponents for Paul Wasicka whenever he's at the poker table. I have never played with anyone who sits at Paul's tables. Last night, as per usual, a poker media outlet (HendonMob) posted Paul's table draw for the WSOP Circuit Championship event in Tunica MS. Here are a few nuggets from my scouting report, followed by tweets from a reporter at today's final table.

Seat 3: Jerry Saucier Helena AL USA 77,000 chips
Total nut. Capable of a big blow up! Has a history of shipping uber light at final tables. 

Tweet from @WorldSeriesOfPoker: Jerry Saucier all-in for remaining 60k on 2d-kd-8d flop with A-J. Carter Phillips snaps calls with pocket kings- #wsop

Seat 8: Dwyte Pilgrim Brooklyn NY USA 322,000 chips
If he gets short he will move all-in with anything decent (Q7s). 

Tweet from @WorldSeriesOfPoker: Pilgrim devistated after getting rivered, moves last 50k all-in with Q-9. Richard Robb re-raises all-in, shows pocket aces... #wsop

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Dear potential renters

When you call the number on the sign in my yard, don't tell me that you let yourself through the gate, went in the back yard, tried the door to the garage, found it unlocked, and thought it would be a good idea to let yourself into my house so you could check the place out unsupervised. Glad you liked it enough to call and start negotiating, you creeps.

Dear former renters,


MBA Prom

Recently Amanda and I attended the "Leeds School of Business MBA Winter Formal," or as I like to call it, "BizProm." I began the night trying to stave off a migraine but determined to have fun.

Amanda and I looked sharp. She in simple cream colored sexy dress with shoes probably stolen from Lady Gaga, I in my "any color you like as long as it's charcoal" suit.

Comprised almost exclusively of daytime students who make up for their lack of real world work experience with enthusiasm and binge drinking (I love you guys but you know it's true), Prom was held at the Hotel Boulderado, Boulder's oldest, sweetest, and ridiculously expensive hotel. I'm down for conference room ambiance but rumor had it that the keg cost over $300. Clearly, aspiring MBA students should consider the hotel catering business.

The top three best aspects of the night:
  1. An afro sporting cameraman. Pics of random people clowning here
  2. A small cohort of evening students with which to mingle.
  3. My former marketing professor who TORE UP THE DANCE FLOOR and then friended me facebook. I accepted, of course. 

The music was handled by one of the students who wielded his iPod dominated by late 90's hip hop songs with Nazi-like control. Unfortunately for me, I felt the lyrics such as Big Pun's "I'm not a playa I just crush a lot" mostly crushing my temple and behind my right eye. It might have been the four glasses of wine but my usually staunch migraine meds had no effect. I knew how badly I felt but didn't realize it showed until I saw photos like this one. I call it: Mask of Pain and Marketing Professor.

Following Prom, Amanda and I resolved to "get dressed up more." I resolved to stretch daily and to hide from all cameras during future migraines.