Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Part of my job entails scouting opponents for Paul Wasicka whenever he's at the poker table. I have never played with anyone who sits at Paul's tables. Last night, as per usual, a poker media outlet (HendonMob) posted Paul's table draw for the WSOP Circuit Championship event in Tunica MS. Here are a few nuggets from my scouting report, followed by tweets from a reporter at today's final table.

Seat 3: Jerry Saucier Helena AL USA 77,000 chips
Total nut. Capable of a big blow up! Has a history of shipping uber light at final tables. 

Tweet from @WorldSeriesOfPoker: Jerry Saucier all-in for remaining 60k on 2d-kd-8d flop with A-J. Carter Phillips snaps calls with pocket kings- #wsop

Seat 8: Dwyte Pilgrim Brooklyn NY USA 322,000 chips
If he gets short he will move all-in with anything decent (Q7s). 

Tweet from @WorldSeriesOfPoker: Pilgrim devistated after getting rivered, moves last 50k all-in with Q-9. Richard Robb re-raises all-in, shows pocket aces... #wsop

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Amanda said...

Yay, that's awesome, good job! And Congrats to (you and) Paul!