Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My family and friends love me

I know this because they constantly give me health suggestions, and I appreciate that. It feels good that people care about me.

Several months ago, my mom suggested that dark beer might be causing me to have migraines. I tested this by forgoing all beer for two weeks and then drinking three stouts. I didn't get a migraine but I did get very bloated and quite tipsy.

The current suggestion (from Amber) is that I may be blowing my nose too hard. In the past, my nose blow has been likened to moose mating calls. *To me this is normal* To test this theory: For one week I will practice little pathetic wussy blows that don't get the snot out. Then I will attempt the mother of all nose blows and see what happens. Pictures?

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Jess said...

Truman, I noticed that you look cold lately. I prescribe lots of walking around outside in cut-off jean shorts so your legs can properly acclimate. If it keeps up, a refreshing dip in Viele lake should eliminate the sensation. All sensation, really.