Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Dear potential renters

When you call the number on the sign in my yard, don't tell me that you let yourself through the gate, went in the back yard, tried the door to the garage, found it unlocked, and thought it would be a good idea to let yourself into my house so you could check the place out unsupervised. Glad you liked it enough to call and start negotiating, you creeps.

Dear former renters,



Jess said...

Similar situation happened to me at work yesterday. Got there and whoever had worked the previous show (two days ago) had left the dressing room with its thousands of dollars in equipment unlocked with all the lights on. This and your story have served to remind me (as though I needed reminding) that most people are stupid. God bless 'Merica.

Livia said...

We live on public docks without a gate on a tourist trap (fish and chips on a floating home-restaurant, feed the seals) which is fun for us, we like the activity.

HOWEVER, we have been warned that people will actually climb up on your boat - as if the boat is part of the public touristy exhibit. Some boats and float homes have little signs.

Willowjp4 said...

Way to be creepy.