Monday, December 28, 2009


I came late to the So You Think You Can Dance party but now that I'm here, I have no plans to leave. This show is flawed but amazing. The incredibly obnoxious female judge needs to be replaced and they could cut down on the amount of fluff time. There's also some racist undertones (hip hop artists in caveman outfits? The latin girl getting "on the tamale train?")

Now for the good parts. This show delivers ridiculously good dancing to authentic music. What I mean by that is: unlike Dancing With the Stars which is too cheap to pay the music rights for original songs and "features" D-rate celebrities butchering cookie cutter forms of dance, SYTYCD features incredible dancers performing custom routines to a diverse collection of great music.

Here are a few of my favorite songs from the most recent season. Unfortunately fox has tried to remove all video clips of SYTYCD. They're out there though. Happy hunting. :)

Madcon - Beggin' - SYTYCD routine here (2:20 on the video)
Immediately reminiscent of "El Tango de Roxanne" from Moulin Rouge, Beggin' is a song to rock out to, clean house to, just generally get down to. The Franki Valli version is good too, but I like this one a little better. Oh and Gnarls Barkely called. They want their sound back.

George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag
Made famous by the opening scene in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, "Little Green Bag" is a bad m________n song.

Imogen Heap - Aha!
Like a demented Christmas Carol, Aha! is weird weird weird. Imogen Heap sounds like no one else. This song works as the soundtrack to a wide array of imagined acts. I could see a dark love scene, a midnight jewel caper at high speed, a chase down alleys through Chinatown, really anything. The more I listen to this song, the more I love it.

My favorite piece is actually the last song/routine of the season but this blog doesn't support artists who think it's cool to beat women.

Will the real Trucolors, please stand up?

Since entering grad school 18 months ago, I've toned this blog down a lot. I wanted to make sure that I fit into the corporate culture. So I stopped airing dirty laundry and instead, began publishing tasteless, colorless, odorless posts about things other than my life (football, art, music). These posts are all well and good and there will be more like them, but there's something about the business school culture that's incredibly stifling. I feel like I have to dress up for class and talk just like everyone else.

I know now that I will not work in an environment that discourages individuality. Currently my work situation is ideal. Paul encourages me to be myself. This is so wonderful and I'm grateful.

The old 81trucolors had much more character, more reality, in short: more me. I'll probably not put everything on blast but here's hoping this blog will be a little less sterile and a little more real.

I take a lot of inspiration from I Hate My Job, the poorly titled blog by a guy I *secretly* consider to be smarter, better looking, and more successful than me. Want dirty laundry, quirky posts, snarky comments, and general awesomeness? He serves it up "in spades."

I may not put as much $#-- on blast as he does but you should notice a few changes going forward. And yes, I just embedded a 3 Doors Down video on this blog. You all are so proud right now.

Incidentally, this video features a very hairy person who doesn't fit into the prevailing culture. I resent and also like this idea.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nogain Moreno?

Interesting article here from The Philadelphia Enquirer chronicling Denver first round Running Back Knowshon Moreno's lack of impact. For the record, I never would have taken a running back in the first but gun to my head, would have taken Beanie Wells.

Players I liked instead of Moreno before the draft:
Brian Cushing
Brian Orakpo
Chris "Beanie" Wells
Clay Matthews
Louis Delmas
James Laurinitis
Larry English

Players taken after Moreno I like in hindsight:
Percy Harvin
Kenny Britt
Vontae Davis
Ray Maualuga
Jairus Bird

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Need a house in Westminster?

Starting Feb 01, Walker and I are renting our awesome 5 BR house in Westminster. It is huge and comes with a ping pong table. Not sure whether you'll end up working in Boulder or Denver? Westminster is close to both! Here's the Craigslist ad.

The Hillis

Since Corell Buckhalter's injury early in the Indy game, Denver--a run first team-- is averaging 3.0 yards per carry. But this doesn't tell the full story. Denver is horrible in red zone efficiency and equally bad on power runs (situations in which the offense needs 1-2 yards). This tells me that when the team needs to run the ball, it can't.

The Broncos have a completely healthy 240 lb running back named Peyton Hillis, a guy who has great hands, incredible toughness, and a bruising running style perfect for short yardage situations. Most importantly, over his nearly two year professional career, Peyton Hillis is averaging 4.92 yards per carry (sample ~ 80 carries).

I am not the first nor the last but let me add my voice to the din clamoring for him to see more playing time. He is a clutch player and the Broncos desperately need clutch plays. It's time to see more highlights like the ones above.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Things on my mind, now 21 hours before my finance final

10. Squeezing in workouts without squeezing in stretching time is the same as begging for a migraine. I don't deserve pity, I deserve derision (or a personal trainer to whip me).
9. Betting on anything is fun if you win. Paul and I have won $$ on 9 of the last 10 UFC fights.
8. Betting on NFL is not fun. See # 9.
7. Thanks to Amanda I catch things that are racist/sexist all the time. "Ethnic" is not a style.
6. Christmas + finals = stressful. Why don't people post wish lists anymore?
5. If someone had told me, "Be good at math, you can make a lot of money," I'd have applied myself more in high school.
4. Amanda and I recently went on a date. It was a sine curve on the classy scale.
3. The UFC will soon be showcasing a fighter who has been disqualified for "eye gouging, face raking, ear biting, and punching and kicking a referee." This is less classy than my date with A.
2. If my professor makes the final hard, I'll get a D.
1. If my professor makes the final easy, I'll get a B.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Barrel Man to the Stadium in the Sky

I read on the Denver Examiner that Tim McKernan died last Friday. Better known as "The Barrel Man," McKernan was a staple at Broncos games throughout my adolescence. He wore *only???* the barrel at every Bronco home game, rain, snow, or shine.

McKernan captured much of what I love about living in Colorado. He was passionate, creative, weird, a little bit country, and he loved the outdoors.

According to the article, as McKernan's health declined, he was forced to sell his Super Bowl XXXII barrel (for $30,000), which had been autographed by 49 Denver Broncos players. Although he needed the money for health issues, he still donated 10% to a battered women's shelter.

If there is a heaven for the Barrel Man, I know the sunsets there are orange and blue.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


The women never speak in my Finance class.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Tru: "Look at my cat, she's cute."
Amanda: "Your cat is like a baby, only cute when sleeping."

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Checking it twice?

I've been very nice this year.

I know it's ridiculous for 28 year olds to post a Christmas list but I can't help it. Lists can be efficient. I want stuff. Some of the readers of this blog will get me stuff. Last year, among other awesome gifts, I received Patchouli soap and cutting boards. I am excited about all gifts but if you are looking for suggestions...
  1. Good fiction. I've come to accept that no matter how much schoolwork I have, I still read for pleasure throughout the semester. Here are a few of my favorite books (A Cafe on the Nile, A Game of Thrones, Ender's Game, Atlas Shrugged, The Monkey Wrench Gang).
  2. Pseudo Intellectual Non-fiction. I haven't read much of what's trendy this past year. I enjoyed Guns Germs and Steel, The Tipping Point, Fooled By Randomness.
  3. Books by thinkers on the meaning of life. I have been wrestling a lot recently with questions concerning happiness, the meaning of life, and humanity's obligation to one another.

  4. Warm (non turtleneck) sweaters that look old school. I love sweaters made of wool and/or cashmere. The fatter the waistline the better (size medium)
  5. A subscription to Communication Arts, Spin, or Paste magazines.

  6. Black bomb-proof gaiters like these.
  7. Your favorite cds or either of these: The Gossip Music For Men, Muse The Resistance
  8. A balaclava
As they say on Ebay, thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Went to bed with a tight back.
Woke up with a migraine, 3 out of 10 but threatening.
Took hot shower, stretched till the water ran cold.
Rolled on the back roller, stretched till my morning tamale was warm.
Took two Exedrin Migraine (generics) and headed to work.

Felt 100% better when I picked up a football and went outside.
No bets tonight. Corp has moved to the fake $$ realm.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I am moving

My lease ends in January. I am looking for a new place to rent in south boulder. This has potential:

$230 Dining Room in Sunny 2bd Apt (util. incl) (Table Mesa & Foothills)

Date: 2009-11-07, 10:11PM MST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

I'm looking for a 25-35 yr old male or female to go in on a six month commitment to a really nice, spacious, spik and span clean, sunny south facing 2 bedroom apartment off baseline near Foothills. Your space would be in the dining room area which is as big as the bedrooms in the place. We would set up curtains around it and make some house rules about when the nearby kitchen area was off limits, so you could have quiet/private times. This is not for everyone, but if you're not too fussy and need to save some money, it would work. I am a 31 year old female teacher/dancer/poet, have lived all over the world and am new to the area. The other roommate is a 29 year old male massage student. Neither of us have any furnishings, so if you have a ton of stuff, all the better, and if not, then we will enjoy a perfect minimalism. We both have regular part-time jobs, and then do other stuff on the side. We're not going to rent the place until we have all the roommates lined up, so if you're interested - jump in! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Today I got (nicely) called out on a few things at work. It felt great. I like to be challenged and I like structure. I do best with clear goals and clear deadlines. This helps me know when I've accomplished them and when I can feel good about getting things done.

I am very excited to go to work tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A minor in finance?

Now, six weeks away from the half way point of my MBA, I find myself more more and more interested in marketing. Welcome to the marketing tag, where I'll be posting little advertising and marketing tidbits that strike my fancy.

Below is an ad for, a site (marketed to both teachers and students) making it easy for teachers to grade and hard for students to cheat. That's all well and good but....

Wow, what a boobtastic "college student!" Hands on? This is not subtle and not appropriate. I don't want to sound like an old man but this girl looks 15. Yes, sexy women sell lots of things, usually beer. But this is a bit much for an academic site. I'll stick to the hands-off part, thanks.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Bloody Parachute

Yesterday Jets speedster RB Leon Washington suffered a season ending compound fracture to his right fibula. In the last year of his rookie contract, Washington had a lot to lose from an injury like this. Good thing he bought insurance from Lloyds of London.

Well played, and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wells Fargo, for once you rock

I bank at Wells Fargo (among others). For the most part this bank has run under expectation and has caused me to dislike them.

Example 1: When someone bounces a check that I deposit, Wells Fargo charges me $5. WTF? This is not my fault. I have no control over someone else bouncing a check. Not cool, Wells Fargo.

Example 2: Their cards have failed to work in small Croatian cities. This is a problem for me.

HOWEVER, today the nice people at WF Fraud Protection Services called me up and told me that someone had hacked my debit card. (Ha ha to the haxors, I'm a broke grad student. They got $20.) Anyway, WF noticed the dastardly deed, is refunding my $20, and will be issuing me a new debit card. Well done, people.

Friday, October 23, 2009

B-56, O-MyGod

So the Washington Redskins, perennial bottom dwellers in the NFC East have stripped Head Coach Jim Zorn of his play calling duties. For Monday night's game against division rival Philadelphia Eagles, 'Skins owner Daniel Snyder has turned now to a man with a great deal of experience making calls:

Last week, newly minted Offensive Coordinator Sherman Lewis was calling Bingo at a senior center in Novi, Michigan. Volunteering is perhaps the coolest thing one can do with one's time and I don't want to disrespect it here.

That said, this man has been out of professional football since 2004. The game has changed a great deal since then. When Sherm retired, the offensive scheme he is familiar with (West Coast Offense) was in a state of decline and offenses like the pistol, the wildcat, and the matchup based schemes that Josh McDaniels runs were in their infancy. More importantly, defensive schemes are more complex now too.

I admire Sherm for giving this a try on short notice but I don't envy him. The West Coast Offense calls for quick decision making and accurate passes, something Skins QB Jason Cambell has struggled with. What the Redskins really struggle with though is an overactive owner, one who has no business evaluating talent for the sidelines or between them. Rather than hire offensive masterminds like Josh McDaniels, Cam Cameron, or Dan Henning, the owner has put his offense in the hands of a very nice, very old, very retired Sherm Lewis. I'm rooting for you, Sherm, but there is no free space in the NFL, old man.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Walk It Out

This is one of my all-time favorite YouTubes. Pretty impressive.

Kind of a gold mine for solo jazz. Anyone wanting to learn boogie forwards need look no further than 0:19.


I finished my Finance midterm and spent the rest of the evening in repose.
Step 1: Laphroaig with GNightMoon
Step 2: Discovering new music (more soon) and new art:
I've stumbled upon Emile Facey, aka Plant43. A freelance graphic designer, Plant43 designs book and cd covers. Scars and sepia: the dark arts. I call the top piece Lightning Beard with Pot Leaves and Cello Parts. The lower one: Orbital Fissures.

Monday, October 19, 2009

(Trade) Deadlines

I am hours away from my Finance midterm but my eyes have glazed over. Quick blog then off to sleep.

The NFL trade deadline is today (Tuesday). Traditionally most teams stand pat but here are some moves I'd like to see teams make:

Redskins: Your season is over. Your players are old and bad. Trade CB DeAngelo Hall for whatever you can get.

Raiders: They should have traded CB Nnamdi Asomugha before he got hurt on Sunday. But he got poked in the eye. He'll be fine.

Something tells me the Ravens would still be interested.

Rams: Totally out of it. Trade RB Steven Jackson now to the Falcons for a number 1 or a 2 and a 3.

Broncos: Trade with the Lions for LB Clint Avril. This guy can replace MarioHaggan who just went down. Lions could get Brandon Lloyd and a 3rd rounder.

Vikings: Trade Head Coach Brad Childress for some green bean casserole.

His prevent defense is trying to sabotage a damn good season.

Bills: Trade "Old Popcorn" Terrell Owens to the Bears for an O-linemen.

Panthers: Trade DE Julius Peppers to the Bengals for WR Andre Caldwell and a 1st rounder.

Jets: Trade (again) with the Browns to get NT Shaun Rogers. Give them anything they want.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Two people I have been publicly down on: Josh McDaniels and Kyle Orton.

Is there still room on the bandwagon?

Monday, October 05, 2009

Shawndell Oliver

Welcome to the latest artist featured on Art That Doesn't Suck.

I love Denver. Here you find an artist as fascinated with the old west as she is with the far east.

This image doesn't do the painting justice but you'll have to take my word for it, these Western paintings are some of the most colorful ones I've seen. There is another image not listed on her website of two bulls staring the viewer down. It's quite powerful. If bulls and Buddha are your thing, Shawndell Oliver is your girl.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Allow myself to introduce... myself.

For the weekend of October 16-18, the Master of Ceremonies for the Lindy Diversion Weekend will be yours truly.

Things I will do
  • Have a drink for courage
  • Wear a bow tie or ten.
  • Make fun of other swing dance MCs (Wolfman, Nick Peterson, odd guy who does Camp Hollywood nights)
  • Make fun of myself
  • Hype the band.
Things I will NOT do
Mention the words "iPod of Destiny"
Read from the script
Take part in any Beyonce tribute dances.

The real Chris Lee?
Word through the grapevine is that my competition for MC was a man I have not met, someone named Chris Lee. A quick google search for Chris and Lee and Dance tells me that this man may be:
One thing he is not, is the Master of Ceremonies for Lindy Diversion. Owned.

Reposting from Bronco Talk: The Awesomeness that is Brandon Stokley

Very cool piece about a very cool guy. Get well soon Stoke.

Original post here.

Josh here is one lucky kid, and probably Brandon Stokley's biggest fan.

Josh here is one lucky kid, and probably Brandon Stokley's biggest fan.

Brandon Stokley is an awesome example of everything that is good in the NFL. He’s a big team-player, a hard worker and great role model for the younger generation.

This email from Matt in Pittsburgh hit our inbox the other day and has stuck with us since, for two reasons — first, Matt’s son is one lucky kid! Second, Brandon Stokley “gets it.” After the Immaculate Deflection, being on top of the world, and probably making the biggest play of his career, Stokley took the time to meet and greet fans with an impromptu “thank you.” Sometimes it’s the little things… We pass Matt and Josh’s story along to you, joining them in saying “Thanks, Stokes!”

My name is Matt and I am a long time Broncos fan who lives in Pittsburgh – Imagine that!

My son’s name is Josh and he is 8 years old. And if I could I’d like to give thanks where I believe it is due.

Last year I took my son to the Browns vs. Broncos game – a nail biter that the Broncos pulled out in the end. After the game Brandon Stokley made his way over to the fans and handed Josh a pair of his game worn gloves. You’ll never know what that meant to a young football fanatic or to his dad.

What is even more amazing is, we were at the game yesterday (at Cincinnati Week 1). During warm ups, Brandon Stokley again came over to the sideline and again made a big impression on my son. He tossed a football up to him and smiled at him. It was huge. It’s so amazing to me that he took the time on 2 separate occasions, in 2 separate cities, to make an effort to interact with the fans.

In a society that tends to shine light mainly on the negative things that athletes do, I would like to shine some light on the positive influence that one athlete had when he took the time to do the right thing. In world of whiny wide receivers who don’t have time for the fans, and always want more money, as a parent, I think more attention needs to be given to guys like Brandon Stokley – not only did he make the game winning play, but he touched my son’s life in a unique way and will be my son’s hero for years.

I would love to give Stokley some attention for doing something awesome – is this possible?


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The option to defer

When teams win the coin toss in the NFL, they have the option to receive the opening kick off or to kick to the other team first (i.e. defer until the second half).

Who should elect to receive the opening kick:
  • Ball control offenses like Miami, Jacksonville. These teams do not play well from behind. They prefer to grind out long drives keep the other team off the field. Best for them to play with a lead.
  • Teams with good defenses. Who cares if the other team gets the ball first to start the second half. Let's score now and let our defense takeover the game.
  • Bad teams like the Chiefs. They need to score and keep the game close. They need to get something going. These teams might be out of the game by halftime. Their best shot is to strike early.
Who should defer:
  • Teams who are matched against a similar opponent. One more possession in the second half might make the difference.
  • Teams with strong passing attacks. Even if they are down a little after the first half, teams with strong passing games are generally built to comeback. They can afford to see how the first half shakes out.
  • The Dallas Cowboys. The 'Boys drafted a kickoff specialist who can boot the ball into tomorrow. They should use this weapon immediately and force the other team to start on the 20. Game on.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Owning Up

The Dolphins blew the 2 minute drill in last Monday night's nail-biter against the Colts. Forced to burn a crucial timeout, the Dolphins dug themselves a deep hole from which they didn't escape. What's fascinating to me is how people react when their every move is scrutinized and broadcast worldwide in Jerry Jones nose-picking HD.

Dolphins O Coordinator Dan Henning has stepped up and publicly acknowledged that he made a mistake by sending in the wrong play. This may seem small but I believe that honesty and accountability are vital components to creating good organizations, whether they be football teams, corporations, or even families.

Henning did not point out that his offense kept Peyton Manning off the field for a record breaking 45:07 minutes or that Dolphins receiver Ted Ginn Jr. could have won the game if he'd squeezed his hands together at the right time in the end zone.

The Dolphins are doing the right things. They are creative, disciplined, and hard working. Moral victories will become real ones soon.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thanks GQ

Time fore the annual GQ rant. According to them, "Cardigans aren't just for your grandpa anymore."

Really? That's fresh. What a trend.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Brian Dawkins following Denver's Week 1 win:

“I am a blessed man. I am an anointed man. I do what I do and I don’t take it for granted. I love what I do. It is an opportunity for me to go out and have a great time. Just this game of football, people who are going to watch this interview would love to do what I do for a living. People come to the game to have a great time. I go to the games to have a great time. I am not going to allow anything to deter me from that. My preparation is key, my conditioning is key and my belief in the abilities I’ve been blessed with to get the job done is key.”

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Oak Town Controversial

If I had a lot of money, I would buy cool clothing. Cars are fun and eating out is nice, but I love wearable graphic art.

Welcome to Fiftyseven-thirtythree, a liberal clothing label featuring images of S.E. Asia, chimps in riot gear, peaceful schoolgirls, and boys kissing boys.
I don't know if this label is socialist, communist, angry, or something else. I don't love all of their work of course, but some of these shirts are sweet. It probably doesn't hurt that their models are gorgeous.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Preseason Brutality

One of the more painful realizations in preseason is that there are guys on the team who will survive roster cuts only to be cut the following day when coaches begin plucking from the waiver wire. Guys on the bubble: You aren't just competing against your teammates, you're also competing against the 750 people about to be cut from all the other teams.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Coming Soon: Gunsight Pass!

I recently went backpacking in Glacier National Park with Jeremy and Zack Lauffenburger. Details and photos coming soon. And thank you, yes those jean shorts ARE sweet. :)

Doom and Gloom: The 2009 Denver Broncos

For the Denver Broncos, 2008 proved to be a season of tantalizing highs and crushing lows. In the offseason, they put together a very solid draft, signing Eddie Royal, Ryan Clady, Ryan Torain, and Peyton Hillis, prompting Head Coach Mike Shanahan to guarantee a playoff berth. For a few weeks, it looked as though Mike would be right. The Broncos steamrolled Oakland, stole a game from San Diego, and out-dueled the Saints. Fans masked concern for the defense by pointing to the absolutely explosive offense captained by gunslinging QB Jay Cutler. But as the season progressed, the Broncos began to show holes. The offense suffered a rash of injuries at running back and the defense turned out to be one of the worst of all times. Even with all this, the Broncos needed only to win one of their last three games to make the playoffs. They of course failed miserably, getting crushed by the San Diego Chargers on national T.V.

This recent offseason has been both drama filled and distressing for Bronco fans. It began with the firing of Head Coach Mike Shanahan and the hiring of young Bill Belichek disciple Josh McDaniels, the man responsible for leading career benchwarming QB Matt Cassell to 11 wins and a lucrative contract. However, that contract was not with the Broncos. This led to the Cutlergate scandal and the unprecedented departure of one of the league’s brightest if most immature star young QBs to the Chicago Bears.

Not content with dismantling the Broncos 2008 offense, in April, McDaniels and company turned in one of the most controversial drafts in team history, eschewing popular first round defensive backs for Georgia RB Knowshon Moreno. This after signing not one, not two, but three running backs before the draft. This first round pick was so unconventional that the Washington Redskins, who drafted immediately after Denver, took literally about 30 seconds to draft Brian Orakpo, the man everyone thought Denver should have taken. I broke down the Broncos draft here, but in short, McDaniels and company picked six out of 10 guys for the offense and failed to address the obvious weakness at defensive line.

This team is imploding. Brandon Marshall’s recent antics coupled with injuries to the first and second string quarterbacks have caused oddsmakers to remove the first Broncos game from their books because no one will bet on the Broncos. Why such skepticism? There is a chance that for week one, this man will be throwing the ball.

So here is my prediction: What’s in store for the 2009 Denver Broncos.

Denver Broncos 2009 Schedule (home games in bold)


Sep 13



Sep 20



Sep 27



Oct 04



Oct 11



Oct 19





Nov 01



Nov 09



Nov 15



Nov 22



Nov 26



Dec 06



Dec 13



Dec 20



Dec 27



Jan 03


In a word: pain.

Week 1 - Denver @ CincinnatiL. A very average team, Cincinnati will be a good litmus test for the boys in blue and orange. The Bengals don’t do anything well but they don’t do anything poorly. I don’t expect the Bengals running attack to get anything going so we’ll find out how much Chad Ocho Cinco and Laveranues Coles have left in the tank. Even if Orton starts, I think he’ll have a difficult time.

Week 2 - Cleveland @ DenverW. On paper this should be Denver’s easiest game of the season—which is why I think they’ll have their hands full. Historically the Broncos have played way down to their competition. The Browns currently lack a starting QB, any running game, and their 2nd best receiver just got suspended for drunkenly running over a man. Denver pulls away in the fourth quarter.

Week 3 - Denver @ OaklandL. The Broncos should beat the Raiders handily. They always should. Yet year in, year out, the two teams end up splitting. With the murderers row of teams upcoming, this has all the makings for a trap game.

Week 4 - Dallas @ DenverL. The Cowboys are not who we think they are, they’re worse. But Denver’s defensive line will make Tony Romo look like the rockstar Jessica thought he was. Marion Barber seals the deal with 60 yards in the fourth quarter.

Week 5 - New England @ DenverL. I know Josh McDaniels is already scheming for this game but so is Bill Belichick. The master shows the student a few new tricks and shows the rest of the world just what happens when Tom Brady gets to set up shop in the pocket.

Week 6 - Denver @ San Diego L. Are there must win games in October? If you’re 1-4 and playing the eventual division winner, there are. Unfortunately, San Diego is better on offense, defense, and special teams. Even Norv Turner won’t give this one away.

Week 8 - Denver @ BaltimoreW. I know people will think I’m crazy for this but Baltimore overperformed last year and Denver has a history of winning at least one game as an underdog. The Ravens receiving core is bad. Their QB is green and their defense is getting long in the tooth. With Brian Dawkins as the 8th man in the box, Ravens QB Joe Flacco will have to air it out. But if there’s one thing Denver has, it’s a good secondary. Broncos seal it with an interception.

Week 9 - Pittsburgh @ DenverL. Really what is there to say? The Broncos failed to address their needs in this year’s draft while the Steelers are already drafting with an eye toward 2011. Steelers in a blowout.

Week 10 - Denver @ WashingtonL. After the teams Denver has played recently, the Redskins will seem like a college team. Too bad the Broncos aren’t even built to beat a college team. Clinton Portis wears the belt again.

Week 11 - San Diego @ DenverL. The Chargers know their window to win a Super Bowl is closing. They won’t leave the door open for an upset here.

Week 12 - New York Giants @ DenverL. As we sit here in August, I actually give the Broncos a fighting chance to keep this one close. Both teams have great offensive lines that are one man deep. A few key injuries can make either Kyle Orton or Eli Manning look very mortal. I expect the Broncos to drop a heartbreaker here.

Week 13 - Denver @ Kansas CityW. Even Elway feared Kansas City, and never more so than in December. These two teams have experienced so much turnover that it’s hard to say how it will go. Kansas City is building for the long term but I’m not sure it shows up just yet. A late field goal wins one for the Broncos.

Week 14 - Denver @ IndianapolisL. Orton will put up points here but Peyton Manning and Donald Brown show why the Colts always make the playoffs. Indy delivers an absolute beatdown.

Week 15 - Oakland @ DenverW. There’s a good chance Jeff Garcia starts in Denver for the Raiders, which is bad for the Broncos.

Week 16 - Denver @ PhiladelphiaL. Philly has this circled already as a win which means the Broncos have a chance. But McNabb is a surgeon with a bag of new tools. Ruthless efficient Philly football for 60 minutes.

Week 17 - Kansas City @ DenverW. This should be a game where both teams want to lose in order to get a higher draft pick. However, the Broncos traded this pick away so they’ll actually try to win. Yahoo.

You heard it here: 5-11.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Glacier National Park!

Tomorrow morning I'm headed to Glacier National Park for a 3-day backpacking trip. A few notes from the Glacier Park Service:

  • An increasing number of backcountry hikers carry pepper spray as a possible deterrent against aggressive bears.
  • You should have a tent with a waterproof floor, rain-fly, and a no-see-um netting, and this tent should be designed to withstand strong winds. Bring plenty of extra stakes and strong cord.
  • Insect repellent is highly recommended.
  • You can count on your feet getting wet regardless of your boot type, so durability and support should be a prime concern. Many pair of socks are essential.
  • Plan to be self sufficient in any emergency. The land is vast and remote, and you cannot count on early help if you have difficulties.

Excerpts from the Glacier Park Bear Guide


Stationary frontal orientation - If a bear is standing and facing you, it is certainly not being submissive. This is an aggressive position and may signal a charge. It is likely waiting for you to withdraw.


Huffing - When a bear is tense, it may forcibly exhale a series of several sharp, rasping huffs. A mother may also huff in order to gain the attention of her young.

Woof - A startled bear may emit a single sharp exhale that lakes the harsh quality of a huff. If her cubs woof, a mother will immediately become alert to the situation.

Jaw-Popping - Females with young often emit a throaty popping sound, apparently to beckon their cubs when danger is sensed. A mother vocalizing in this manner should be considered nervous and extremely stressed. Bears other than sows also jaw-pop.

Growl, snarl, roar - Clear indication of intolerance.

Other Indicators

Yawning - Indicates tension. This behavior may results from the close proximity of another bear or human presence.

Excessive Salivation - A clear sign of tension, salivation may appear as white foam around the bear's mouth.

Charge - The vast majority of charges are ones in which the bear stops before making contact. The intensity of the charge or associated vocalizations may vary, but it is distinct in that it is an aggressive or defensive act clearly directed at another bear or human. Bears may charge immediately, as a sow fearing for her cubs, or may emit stressed or erratic behavior before charging.

There is no guaranteed lifesaving method of reacting to an aggressive bear. Some behavior patterns have proven more successful in close encounters than others. Take a calm assured posture. A firm voice and gradual departure are better than a retreat in panic. Include the nature of your surroundings in your reaction.

As a last resort, lie face down, protect your neck with your hands and arms, and don't move. This requires considerable courage, but resistance would be futile. Numerous incidents exist where a bear has sniffed and departed without serious injury.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My life is a Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack

What's to say? These songs are perfect for a rainy summer night. Really any summer night.

The Delgados - I Fought the Angels

Marion Black - Who Knows

Blue-Eyed Son - Step Away From the Cliff

of ghosts and other mythical figures

Recently someone showed me an image of Sisyphus and I recalled identifying so much with this figure that, a few years ago, it was almost he who ended up spending eternity rolling his rock up my ribs rather than the Icarus Changed who flies there now.

Early Sunday morning, I found myself in a relatively vivid dream. I was wandering down narrow, brick-lined campus corridors, showing Walker some school. But I was lost. I'd poke my head into a classroom and see people absorbed in their lives and their studies. In one small gymnasium, my friend Nappy was strenuously working out (he actually does this) in preparation for an upcoming wrestling tournament (he doesn't actually do this). In another room, my old college roommate Tom O'Brien was now student teaching en route to a tenured spot. As for me, I had no clue where I was. I eventually apologized to Walker and told him he'd be better off finding his own way.

I don't feel lost here in the real world but it feels like I'm chafing under familiar yokes--entering old feedback loops. I've felt more mortal, less in control, and more dazed than I'd like to be. I find myself looking for role models and then justifying failures that they would have overcome. The Icarus tattoo didn't make me stronger, just more aware of when I stumble. Perhaps even they are steps.

I'm the ghost of summer present. I'm looking in on everyone but I'm never there. Recently I flipped through my friend's camera. On it were various friends goofing around and hanging out at various parties. I counted the occasions and realized that through five separate nights I hadn't been to any of them. It made me question my priorities. It made me wonder what I've been doing.