Saturday, October 03, 2009

Reposting from Bronco Talk: The Awesomeness that is Brandon Stokley

Very cool piece about a very cool guy. Get well soon Stoke.

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Josh here is one lucky kid, and probably Brandon Stokley's biggest fan.

Josh here is one lucky kid, and probably Brandon Stokley's biggest fan.

Brandon Stokley is an awesome example of everything that is good in the NFL. He’s a big team-player, a hard worker and great role model for the younger generation.

This email from Matt in Pittsburgh hit our inbox the other day and has stuck with us since, for two reasons — first, Matt’s son is one lucky kid! Second, Brandon Stokley “gets it.” After the Immaculate Deflection, being on top of the world, and probably making the biggest play of his career, Stokley took the time to meet and greet fans with an impromptu “thank you.” Sometimes it’s the little things… We pass Matt and Josh’s story along to you, joining them in saying “Thanks, Stokes!”

My name is Matt and I am a long time Broncos fan who lives in Pittsburgh – Imagine that!

My son’s name is Josh and he is 8 years old. And if I could I’d like to give thanks where I believe it is due.

Last year I took my son to the Browns vs. Broncos game – a nail biter that the Broncos pulled out in the end. After the game Brandon Stokley made his way over to the fans and handed Josh a pair of his game worn gloves. You’ll never know what that meant to a young football fanatic or to his dad.

What is even more amazing is, we were at the game yesterday (at Cincinnati Week 1). During warm ups, Brandon Stokley again came over to the sideline and again made a big impression on my son. He tossed a football up to him and smiled at him. It was huge. It’s so amazing to me that he took the time on 2 separate occasions, in 2 separate cities, to make an effort to interact with the fans.

In a society that tends to shine light mainly on the negative things that athletes do, I would like to shine some light on the positive influence that one athlete had when he took the time to do the right thing. In world of whiny wide receivers who don’t have time for the fans, and always want more money, as a parent, I think more attention needs to be given to guys like Brandon Stokley – not only did he make the game winning play, but he touched my son’s life in a unique way and will be my son’s hero for years.

I would love to give Stokley some attention for doing something awesome – is this possible?


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