Monday, October 19, 2009

(Trade) Deadlines

I am hours away from my Finance midterm but my eyes have glazed over. Quick blog then off to sleep.

The NFL trade deadline is today (Tuesday). Traditionally most teams stand pat but here are some moves I'd like to see teams make:

Redskins: Your season is over. Your players are old and bad. Trade CB DeAngelo Hall for whatever you can get.

Raiders: They should have traded CB Nnamdi Asomugha before he got hurt on Sunday. But he got poked in the eye. He'll be fine.

Something tells me the Ravens would still be interested.

Rams: Totally out of it. Trade RB Steven Jackson now to the Falcons for a number 1 or a 2 and a 3.

Broncos: Trade with the Lions for LB Clint Avril. This guy can replace MarioHaggan who just went down. Lions could get Brandon Lloyd and a 3rd rounder.

Vikings: Trade Head Coach Brad Childress for some green bean casserole.

His prevent defense is trying to sabotage a damn good season.

Bills: Trade "Old Popcorn" Terrell Owens to the Bears for an O-linemen.

Panthers: Trade DE Julius Peppers to the Bengals for WR Andre Caldwell and a 1st rounder.

Jets: Trade (again) with the Browns to get NT Shaun Rogers. Give them anything they want.

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GnightMoon said...

I like that Peppers trade.

Do the Jets have anything left to trade?