Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wells Fargo, for once you rock

I bank at Wells Fargo (among others). For the most part this bank has run under expectation and has caused me to dislike them.

Example 1: When someone bounces a check that I deposit, Wells Fargo charges me $5. WTF? This is not my fault. I have no control over someone else bouncing a check. Not cool, Wells Fargo.

Example 2: Their cards have failed to work in small Croatian cities. This is a problem for me.

HOWEVER, today the nice people at WF Fraud Protection Services called me up and told me that someone had hacked my debit card. (Ha ha to the haxors, I'm a broke grad student. They got $20.) Anyway, WF noticed the dastardly deed, is refunding my $20, and will be issuing me a new debit card. Well done, people.


KermyFrag said...

Whoa sweet!...well, not that that happened but that WF caught it. Did you lose your card or did some nerd just figure out how to rob you???

Bag said...

I rubbed the $20 on my titties after I stolez it.