Sunday, November 29, 2009

Checking it twice?

I've been very nice this year.

I know it's ridiculous for 28 year olds to post a Christmas list but I can't help it. Lists can be efficient. I want stuff. Some of the readers of this blog will get me stuff. Last year, among other awesome gifts, I received Patchouli soap and cutting boards. I am excited about all gifts but if you are looking for suggestions...
  1. Good fiction. I've come to accept that no matter how much schoolwork I have, I still read for pleasure throughout the semester. Here are a few of my favorite books (A Cafe on the Nile, A Game of Thrones, Ender's Game, Atlas Shrugged, The Monkey Wrench Gang).
  2. Pseudo Intellectual Non-fiction. I haven't read much of what's trendy this past year. I enjoyed Guns Germs and Steel, The Tipping Point, Fooled By Randomness.
  3. Books by thinkers on the meaning of life. I have been wrestling a lot recently with questions concerning happiness, the meaning of life, and humanity's obligation to one another.

  4. Warm (non turtleneck) sweaters that look old school. I love sweaters made of wool and/or cashmere. The fatter the waistline the better (size medium)
  5. A subscription to Communication Arts, Spin, or Paste magazines.

  6. Black bomb-proof gaiters like these.
  7. Your favorite cds or either of these: The Gossip Music For Men, Muse The Resistance
  8. A balaclava
As they say on Ebay, thanks for looking!


KermyFrag said...

you failed to mention that one of the drawbacks of posting your "Christmas List" is that your friends have a higher probability of getting you something that someone else has already gotten you and subsequently, feeling like an idiot

Walker Bradley said...

One, that's what gift receipts are for and two, you actually think humanity has obligations?