Monday, December 14, 2009

Things on my mind, now 21 hours before my finance final

10. Squeezing in workouts without squeezing in stretching time is the same as begging for a migraine. I don't deserve pity, I deserve derision (or a personal trainer to whip me).
9. Betting on anything is fun if you win. Paul and I have won $$ on 9 of the last 10 UFC fights.
8. Betting on NFL is not fun. See # 9.
7. Thanks to Amanda I catch things that are racist/sexist all the time. "Ethnic" is not a style.
6. Christmas + finals = stressful. Why don't people post wish lists anymore?
5. If someone had told me, "Be good at math, you can make a lot of money," I'd have applied myself more in high school.
4. Amanda and I recently went on a date. It was a sine curve on the classy scale.
3. The UFC will soon be showcasing a fighter who has been disqualified for "eye gouging, face raking, ear biting, and punching and kicking a referee." This is less classy than my date with A.
2. If my professor makes the final hard, I'll get a D.
1. If my professor makes the final easy, I'll get a B.

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Io said...

For Christmas, all I want are donations to go to the Central Asia Institute