Monday, December 28, 2009

Will the real Trucolors, please stand up?

Since entering grad school 18 months ago, I've toned this blog down a lot. I wanted to make sure that I fit into the corporate culture. So I stopped airing dirty laundry and instead, began publishing tasteless, colorless, odorless posts about things other than my life (football, art, music). These posts are all well and good and there will be more like them, but there's something about the business school culture that's incredibly stifling. I feel like I have to dress up for class and talk just like everyone else.

I know now that I will not work in an environment that discourages individuality. Currently my work situation is ideal. Paul encourages me to be myself. This is so wonderful and I'm grateful.

The old 81trucolors had much more character, more reality, in short: more me. I'll probably not put everything on blast but here's hoping this blog will be a little less sterile and a little more real.

I take a lot of inspiration from I Hate My Job, the poorly titled blog by a guy I *secretly* consider to be smarter, better looking, and more successful than me. Want dirty laundry, quirky posts, snarky comments, and general awesomeness? He serves it up "in spades."

I may not put as much $#-- on blast as he does but you should notice a few changes going forward. And yes, I just embedded a 3 Doors Down video on this blog. You all are so proud right now.

Incidentally, this video features a very hairy person who doesn't fit into the prevailing culture. I resent and also like this idea.


Amanda said...


Jess said...

'Bout !@#^%$* time. Once you move out this is the only way I'll even know about your life.

GambleGambel said...

I guess ironic blog titles are a bit ostentatious. Nonetheless, I am not sure I would encourage others to write as openly as I do in public forums. I am still undecided on the merit of deeply revealing and honest blogging.

GnightMoon said...

Smarter, better looking, more successful...You forgot better taste. Gambler would never put a 3 Doors Down song on his blog. And he might be hairier than you, too.