Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Barrel Man to the Stadium in the Sky

I read on the Denver Examiner that Tim McKernan died last Friday. Better known as "The Barrel Man," McKernan was a staple at Broncos games throughout my adolescence. He wore *only???* the barrel at every Bronco home game, rain, snow, or shine.

McKernan captured much of what I love about living in Colorado. He was passionate, creative, weird, a little bit country, and he loved the outdoors.

According to the article, as McKernan's health declined, he was forced to sell his Super Bowl XXXII barrel (for $30,000), which had been autographed by 49 Denver Broncos players. Although he needed the money for health issues, he still donated 10% to a battered women's shelter.

If there is a heaven for the Barrel Man, I know the sunsets there are orange and blue.


Jess said...

This is the best eulogy I've seen for him yet.

Io said...

I agree. I didn't know about his donation. Thanks.