Friday, September 25, 2009

Owning Up

The Dolphins blew the 2 minute drill in last Monday night's nail-biter against the Colts. Forced to burn a crucial timeout, the Dolphins dug themselves a deep hole from which they didn't escape. What's fascinating to me is how people react when their every move is scrutinized and broadcast worldwide in Jerry Jones nose-picking HD.

Dolphins O Coordinator Dan Henning has stepped up and publicly acknowledged that he made a mistake by sending in the wrong play. This may seem small but I believe that honesty and accountability are vital components to creating good organizations, whether they be football teams, corporations, or even families.

Henning did not point out that his offense kept Peyton Manning off the field for a record breaking 45:07 minutes or that Dolphins receiver Ted Ginn Jr. could have won the game if he'd squeezed his hands together at the right time in the end zone.

The Dolphins are doing the right things. They are creative, disciplined, and hard working. Moral victories will become real ones soon.

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GnightMoon said...

Dolphins +6 over CHARGERS. Easy bet.