Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Happy Birthday

Today I turn 29 years old, an age The Big Bopper, Kitty Genovese, and Heath Ledger failed to reach. My birthday began last night with a party at Jump Street in Thornton, where friends and family assembled for intense battles of trampoline dodgeball (pictures coming soon!). I had a wonderful time and have the ~black eye to prove it. Amanda baked delicious cherry almond cupcakes.

After dodgeball we went to the Castaways Lounge, a dive bar that appears to have been inspired in equal parts by Jimmy Buffet and Dale Earnhardt Jr. This nautical theme is consistent with Westminster's dolphin fountain so I felt right at home.

I have received awesome presents this year: tasty looking wine, a sweet backpacking thermos for cold climbs, a very fancy kite, deluxe Eddie Bauer ladder golf, and best of all... tickets to Green Day in August!

The best part of my birthday has been spending time with my friends and family. Thank you thank you.

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Livia said...

Happy birthday!