Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Automatic cat feeder

Starting about an hour before her scheduled feeding times, my 10 year old cat Roxy would begin whining, following me around the house, and generally making herself a nuisance. Also, if I was gone at work, school, or Amanda's house, someone else would have to feed Roxy and deal with the whining. At Amanda's suggestion, I began looking into automatic feeders.

Did you know you can spend over $250 on an automatic pet feeder? Pretty ridiculous.

At a price of $34, this Lentek 6-day feeder works great! It's not something that makes immediate sense when you open it and I have concerns about durability over the long term but it holds six "feedings-worth" and will cycle every 6, 12, or 24 hours. It's relatively cat proof and could be made much moreso with duct tape if necessary.

At precisely 6am and 6pm Roxy gets her dinner. Since I never let her see me stocking the feeder, she has come to accept that the machine is now in charge of distributing food. After one week of use, the amount of whining has dropped considerably. Also, now I can leave for a night or two without having to worry about whether she'll get her two meals a day or whether she'll con the innocent into giving her more.  Now if only I could get an automatic poop scooper for $34.

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Walker Bradley said...

Actually the automatic pooper scoopers jam from time to time and then you have to pick it out between the machine's teeth. Not a pretty sight. My boss used to have one and got rid of it shortly.