Friday, May 14, 2010


The Good: I'm enjoying management accounting, my first class this summer. Naomi Soderstrom is one of the smartest profs I've had in Business School. She is an uber nerd. Her lectures are fast paced, fun, and come with all the chocolate covered espresso beans I can eat (scary). Last night after class, I sat down with a Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale and Bartle Bull's The White Rhino Hotel, a prequel to one of my favorite books, A Cafe on the Nile. Also, Amanda and I recently went camping in Moab. This trip was hugely sucessful (more on this trip soon).

The Bad: I hate to be that guy but there's been some bad. It's not really fit for the blogosphere though.

The Ugly: Dr. Eric McCarty at the CU Sports Medicine clinic thinks I may have a torn labrum and has recommended I get an MRI. I'm no hypochondriac but after reading up on labrum tears, this sounds very much like what I feel. I'll keep you posted.


Bag said...

Postpone surgery until the fall and we can share some post-op camaraderie.

donald said...

ooooo not nice. well you still havent had the mri- so let it hopes it works out well. glad to see your still enjoying management accounting- surely the honeymoon will end soon. D