Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Zhong Biao

Copied from Luxury City

During the last (and free) day at the Denver Art Museum's Embrace! exhibition, Amanda and I stumbled upon a piece by Zhong Biao. As an informative pdf from the exhibit states, "Zhong Biao has captured the pulse of China's social reform through visual symbols familiar in contemporary Chinese culture." I don't know anything about that but what I do know is that this piece was incredible. Using sharply colored images overlaid atop grayscale-like drawings, Biao made me feel excited, angry, and that something was not quite right--and I was glad to have it pointed out. Biao is who I'd commission if I wanted a Chinese version of Dick and Jane at the Power Plant.

Other pieces that I'm afraid to post for fear of getting into copyright trouble:

Really amazing stuff.

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