Saturday, December 25, 2010

What would Tyrion gift?

Amanda is wonderful for thousands of reasons. Reason 8,075 is that she is an incredibly thoughtful gift giver. Today we celebrated (the 2nd of three celebrations) Christmas with her nuclear family. She had mentioned beforehand that she "got me something small." I took this as, something insignificant.

What a devious clue. By small she meant miniature. This miniature of Tyrion Lannister, to be precise. By the way, these things don't come painted. She contracted with a local artist who just happens to be a total badass at painting miniatures to custom paint mine.

Tyrion Lannister is a devious dwarf with a mind like a steel trap. He has often served as a source of inspiration when I've found myself in difficult spots. I think, "What would Tyrion do?" and often I solve the problem. I had wanted this figurine before it had even been created but I didn't buy it for myself because I knew how hard the little man would be to paint.

Amanda not only figured out who Tyrion was. She then ordered him, and had him exquisitely painted. Awesome, awesome gift! A move of which the dwarf himself would have approved.


Walker Bradley said...

That is a sweet figurine. I am mightily impressed by the detailing.

Walker Bradley said...

so I'm kinda going through trumie withdrawal, Your life is fun, what's up? Blog more.