Sunday, February 13, 2011

Open Letter to


I love your company and have purchased several awesome deals. My girlfriend has purchased even more of them. I was appalled however, after viewing your Super Bowl ad mocking the situation in Tibet. I was then outraged several days later when I saw another of your ads, this one poking fun at endangered whales. Neither of these things are funny in any way. "Oh... the situation in Tibet is horrible! But don't worry, Groupon let's me get tasty curry?" That's textbook offensive.

Your company does well because people like my girlfriend and I read your emails and then buy those products or services. I can't speak for her but I promise I will not be opening your emails or buying any groupons for as many months as I see offensive ads. So far we're at two. I will however be checking out your competitors. See you in mid April, unless you prefer to promote your company by making fun of AIDS or something equally "funny."

Truman Bradley


Ryan Wanger said...

Agree...totally tasteless. They've since pulled the ads, but their initial response on their own blog was sort of mystifying.

I'm not sure how they made it through approval of so many people...and disappointed that it was a local ad agency that created them.

Amanda said...

I'd add insulting to Ryan's mystifying. Way to put out an offensive ad and then try to justify it with a back peddling explanation, Groupon.