Wednesday, July 13, 2011

(Slow) Dancing with Dragons

After a 5 year hiatus George R.R. Martin finally finished writing A Dance With Dragons, book five of seven in the Fire and Ice series. The interwebs are all a-twitter with fantasy lovers shelling out $19 for advance hardback copies. I have been anxiously awaiting this book since a friend turned me on to the series about four years ago.

I've actually decided to wait a bit longer on the book.

  1. I'm rereading the series (again) and still have Feast For Crows remaining. 
  2. I often read in bed and hardback books are cumbersome and uncomfortable to rest on my chest.
  3. I'm cheap and would rather pay $7-$10 for a used copy than the $18 for a new one.
  4. I quixotically believe that I can keep the spoiler blinders on for another three months. 


Amanda said...

Yay! You're blogging again!

Michal Greenberg said...

Nice! I just finished my re-read of the series (skipped book 1 since I watched it on TV instead). My hardback copy comes tomorrow. I cannot wait 3 more months. The past 5 years were already too painful to bear.

BTW, Feast is the worst of his books (1-4 at least) IMO. No Dany, Tyrion, Davos or Jon POVs. Be prepared. Getting all their POVs in Dance is one of the reasons I can't wait to read it!!

TheGraveWolf said...

I remember you blogging about Tyrion in the past. Who are some of your other favorite characters? What do you think of Peter Dinklage as Tyrion from the HBO series, and the tv series in general?