Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today is my birthday. I am very content. My life is going swimmingly. I really am happy with all aspects of my life.

Year 29 began somewhat inauspiciously. I came home two nights ago to discover that Roxy the cat had unleashed roughly 500 gallons of urine onto my bed, soaking my comforter, sheets, mattress pad, and a good sized section of my pillow-top mattress. Walker washed everything and the comforter went to the dry cleaners. I spent the night on the futon bundled in warm camping clothes. Problem solved.

Then last night, 15 minutes into my birthday, I discovered two other older (yes, it was cat) pee stains on the mattress! These smelled horribly. Apparently I have been sleeping on a mattress saturated with cat pee for quite some time.

Although three of my last four significant others told me they loved the way I smelled, clearly this situation had to change. I Febreezed the $#!! out of the mattress and hit the futon again. I woke up early to take Roxy to the Vet to see if her now empty bladder was inflamed.

That's when everything began to turn around. The cute-ish Vet Tech reduced Roxy's bill estimate by $90, Walker made me breakfast, and then my roomates presented me with a much needed, extremely light weight insulated air mattress. Perhaps if the pee smells continue, I'll just use my awesome new pad.

The morning has been spent blogging, lounging, and waiting for Jess's cake to cool.

Plan for the day: Study, Shave, Shower, and buy a nice bottle of whiskey for those late spring winter storms I keep hearing about.

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KermyFrag said...

She's so cute! What an awesome cat...except for the peeing on stuff ;)