Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Feeling Good

That last post was allowed to sit at the top for half a day. No longer.

My middle school coach (the one who wasn't a pretty cool lesbian) used to walk out of his office in the stanky boys locker room and say, "It's a great day to be alive, men!" He had an infectious positive attitude and was the first adult other than my parents that I found to be a positive role model. In his office, he had a picture of him covered in blood and camoflauge, sitting next to a deer that he'd killed with an arrow. He had a huge grin on his face (and later named his son Hunter)

While I don't get my jollies from slaying wildlife, Coach A's daily take no prisoners joie de vivre attitude has always resonated with me. Today, I feel absolutely great.

I measure my quality of life by four things:

  1. how work is going
  2. how school is going
  3. how much physical activity I'm getting
  4. my ability to attract awesome hot people.
The final category isn't going as well as I'd like at the moment but the other three more than make up for that. I went for a run with Walker on Sunday and felt amazing. I wanted to run for hours. I also cranked up the tunes yesterday and banged out 5o pushups before class. Nothing flexing the mental and the physical muscles at the same time. Workwise, Paul asked me to act as a coach when he's in tournaments. He played extremely well and cashed in the last one, and I know I helped him get there. As for school, I'm 1.5 semesters in and I have no doubts that I belong. Too bad professional student isn't a lucrative career option because I love school and I'm good at it.

On Friday, Paul plays another tournament. I couldn't be more excited. The day after that, I take my econ midterm. Bring it on. Please.

I am lion. Hear me &*^%^&*% roar!!!!


GnightMoon said...

Glad to hear it. Just don't mention your triceps in posts like these or you will be ridiculed for years.

Kezza said...

Yay for cheesy happy blogs! :-)

Anonymous said...


TheGraveWolf said...

Let's be clear here...it wasn't the mere word triceps, but the sunshine beaming down upon them, that was the impetus for all those excellent jokes.

JESSIE said...

I effing love this post. Go you.