Wednesday, July 01, 2009


My favorite Denver Broncos fan blog just displayed an ad for Latisse, some kind of Chia Pet-like eyelash growing liquid. Two responses to this:
  1. What the heck is an eyelash growth treatment ad doing on a football blog?
  2. How did they know I pluck my eyelashes when I get bored? :)

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Anonymous said...

The really interesting thing about Latisse is that it is the EXACT same formulation for a glaucoma medication that has been used for years. When Allergan (the developer and manufacturer) kept seeing/hearing the same feedback that one "side effect" was eyelash growth and thickening, they developed a new way to administer the same medication with a lash brush. They got a new indication, new name and patent. If you ever have glaucoma, Lumigan will do the exact same thing!