Monday, June 29, 2009

Missouri Mountain

Last Saturday, Jeremy, Kevin, and I climbed Missouri Mtn. This hike is described by photos.
all my photos here

An overflowing creek forced us to attempt Missouri from the east side, a side we knew would be snowier than the west side we'd hoped to climb. 

From Missouri Mountain
The reward for gaining the ridge, a view of Mt. Harvard (I think).

Credit Jeremy Lauffenburger. From Missouri Mountain
Tired but happy to debut the ice axe. 

Kevin climbs above the snowy couloirs. 

From Missouri Mountain
The final pitch to the summit.

From Missouri Mountain
Sunny summits, Colorado's greatest offering. 

From Missouri Mountain
Preparing to glissade down a 1,000 vertical foot couloir. 

From Missouri Mountain
Halfway down. 

Credit: Jeremy Lauffenburger. From Missouri Mountain
Bahd Ahss! :)


Walker said...

I'm not going to lie you guys are totally bad ass and that pic of you glissading is the shiz. I'm envious of you bro.

KermyFrag said... really are a badass. Who knew? ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures man...Justin

GnightMoon said...

God man great stuff cannot wait to get back to it - looking at those pictures while looking outside at our 104 degree barren Vegas backyard was pretty jarring.

Io said...

Breath taking photos; hard core adventure!