Monday, June 01, 2009

Adventures in Denver

Time flies when you don't blog. As you probably have noticed, it's been a lil sparse around here. That's because I've been spending my time in South Denver. It's amazing how having a girlfriend will decimate one's time online (this is a good thing). 

Most of you know about Amanda. I haven't yet come up with a good lie about how we met but here is a short synopsis of our first few dates:

Date 1: lunch at a hipster veggie restaurant (we both eat meat). 
Date 2: thai food and then drinks at a dive bar (she rarely drinks)
Date 3: church!!!
Date 4: ice cream at Bonnie Brae and hanging out at Wash Park (this ended when I was abruptly booted off the swingset by someone with Down Syndrome)

Since then I have spent virtually all of my available time with her. A blog post is no way to capture someone's life because inevitably they'll come off as shallow--possibly the least likely thing you could say about Amanda. I'll mention a few tidbits though. 

Amanda makes me laugh; she challenges my thoughts (and sometimes my patience). She has the heart of a saint and the waistline of a model. In college, she organized a sit-in to save a women's center. Her adopted dog (snaggletoothed, drooly-eyed, stubby nosed, gurgle-y mutt with back problems and freakish long nipples) embodies the statement 'true beauty is on the inside.' Amanda's chocolate chip cookies could put Otis S out of business. She can be ready in 6 minutes and is addicted to Dr. Pepper. She appears to be the best friend a person could ask for. 

In short, Amanda is great and if you hang out with me you'll probably meet her soon. :)


JESSIE said...

This is so great, Tru :) Happy for you!

Kwicky said...

She gets the Kwicky Seal of Approval =)

Io said...

She rocks!

Ethan & Amanda Foulkes said...

Awwwww... so glad you're happy. ;)
She's got a GREAT name!