Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Lose some

Five months after I emailed my professor asking for feedback on my first grad school final, I received it. Well half of it. The professor decided to only offer feedback on the second half of the exam. The email included these delightful snippets: " it was difficult for me to arrive at the 4 marks that I did," and " I gave you 6 points for this but may have been overly generous." While I disagree with his assessment, my case isn't strong enough to make fighting worthwhile. I think that continuing will only waste time and perhaps predispose other professors in a negative way. 

" Dear ___,
Thanks a lot for your response. I appreciate your feedback and consider this issue resolved. Of the classes I’ve taken so far, yours remains my favorite. Have a great year,
Truman "


Kwicky said...

Bravo, bravo!! I'm proud of you buddy, looks like that third date with Amanda actually paid off :p Don't you feel much better now?

Walker said...

No cute graphic or video for BOHICA?