Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm going streaking!!

For money no less.

Now that I have your attention... Recently I have begun playing ESPN's Streak For the Cash. This is a freeroll (meaning it costs nothing to enter), and the winner gets $1,000,000. Essentially contestants have to predict the winning side of various sporting matchups (e.g. LA Lakers vs. Orlando Magic game 4). 

Picking correctly begins/extends your streak. If you pick incorrectly, you start back at zero. Currently the leaders have 22 correct in a row. I have two. I will try to post my picks when they happen. Only one pick may be active at any given time.

Current Streak: 2 Wins.
Overall Record: 7-5-0
Current Pick: IAAF Festival of Excellence. From which country will the winner of the 100m hurdles reside? I get USA or Jamaica. The other side gets Canada. Everything else is a push. 


Jess and Walker said...

Ha. I'm 2-0-0! I'm betting next on the Reds over the Nationals, and then on US/Jamaica. Good luck!

KermyFrag said...

I love Will Ferrall!!!!

Good Luck ;)

Kwicky said...

I think you spelled his name wrong babe :p I want in on this streaking thing, where's the link?

81trucolors said...

The link is there dude. Click on 'ESPN's Streak For The Cash.'