Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Last night after he exited the $2,000 NL, Paul and I watched Snatch and then Paul called it an early night. Tonight, ____ and ______ ,who live in the Vegas house were DVRing two different shows: Jon and Kate plus 8 and the The Bachelorette. This meant that if I wanted to watch tv, my options were limited to one of the two shows. I have been looking for a show that Amanda and I can watch together and since I’m morally opposed to The Bachelorette I decided to check J&K+8. Also I was curious to see why it garnered such a large following.

I didn’t know this before a few weeks ago but Jon and Kate are married and they have a set of twins and also a set of sextuplets. The show follows their frazzled attempts to maintain sanity while keeping all of their children alive. (This episode turned out to be “Heading South,” which Wikipedia tells me debuted in August of 2008.)

My notes during the show.

Kate walks into some fly paper in the garage and demands that Jon move it.  I would move it to her side of the bed if she spoke to me like that.

Jon describes how he’ll back up the Uhaul trailer. What? Why is this show popular? Who cares about this?

Whoa, passive aggressive wifey.  Ah this is why it’s popular. Kate is approaching heinous human status. This site is much better for passive aggressive (notes) though. 

Kids fighting and wearing crocs. Do the parents really think their kids don’t know their left from right?

They hire a housekeeper/nanny. Appears that I’m squandering 30 minutes of my life right now.

The appeal of this show is that the wife doesn’t respect the husband anymore and the husband is over the marriage. This is obvious even from one episode nine months ago.

Embarking on a road trip with 8 children is completely insane but also boring tv. I miss you Sex in The City.  

Kate wasn’t sure that she would need cooking utensils so she was glad she brought some.  OH. MY. GOD.

Kate, “Now it’s going to be all mildew-ey inside the van. Won’t that be perfect?” It’s not the man’s job to roll up the windows, honey. It’s everyone’s job.

Kate, “It took concentration to pack the cooler.” Ummm…This would be a very difficult show to get into.

Kate, “When in doubt, pull out the snacks.”  The first intelligent thing I’ve heard.

Jon, “I’m not an expert trailer backer-upper person.” This might have sealed the deal for me.


After watching my first and only episode, I can think of three possible reasons people might waste their lives watching this:

a. People feel better about their own lives after watching this train wreck of a relationship.

b. It’s Monday night after hockey and basketball have ended. Lesser of 500 evils?

c. The kids look and act alike. (This is quite funny actually).

In short, although Amanda and I had a nice conversation about J&K+8, this will not be the show we watch together. I'm leaning toward So You Think You Can Dance, Weeds (via NetFlix),or Mad Men. Any suggestions?


Erin said...

Weeds and Mad Men are excellent, but tops on my list would be Arrested Development. Awesome.

Also J&K+8 is heinous. Now they are so interesting (read: such a trainwreck) that the tabs are covering them with a "Did he cheat? Did she cheat? Will they get divorced?" breathlessness.

TheGraveWolf said...

Dexter is very solid. Season 1 especially.

Deadwood was great if you can get over the swearing. No one writes dialogue like this anymore. Only intelligent viewers need apply.

Weeds was a little too weird (even for me). The humor was dark and I never identified with, or even liked, most of the main cast.

laura-gee said...

Yeah, I don't get the J&K+8 craze.

Madmen is GREAT. Very Welldone. A good Conversation starter.

Weeds is wierd but I'm riveted by the main character's stupid/ballsy choices.

Our household loves SYTYCD, even Adelaide.

Might I also toss The Big Bang Theory into the sitcom ring? HIGHlarious!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mad Men all the way. It is subtle, it is clever, it is sexy and smart. I can't get over how good it is. And you should watch the first 2 seasons if you haven't already. The period references are worth it by themselves.

Erin said...

One more suggestion. How I Met Your Mother. Genius.

KermyFrag said...

This is such a weird show. I, like you, tuned in once just to see what all the fuss was about. It made me sad.

I have heard a lot of good things about Six Feet Under. I'm not sure if it still runs. You might have to rent it. There is always the trusty...Everybody Loves Raymond! ;)

Kezza said...

I vote for SYTYCD. New-boyfriend and I's first date was watching the SYTYCD premiere. Cheesy? maybe. But it worked! (or maybe it was the wine ;-) I now drive to Denver every Thursday for SYTYCD night. His roommates are also completely hooked, and I think soon we will be hosting huge SYTYCD-watching-parties. I also suggest good wine and tapas to accompany the (sometimes) awful music and amazing dancing.

Actually, I'm surprised you're not already obsessed with this show!

Jess said...

The Tudors. Historical fiction + gratuitous sex and violence = winner.

Walker said...

I think she's just pissed because all the kids look like him, same chin and hair. Probably the same facial hair in a few years as well, females included. Besides if I had a vagina and 8 screamers popped out I would be pretty pissed for the rest of my life. Think they have a crap marriage now, think about when they try to put 6 kids through college at once. How often does sextuplets happen naturally anyway? Was she on fertility pills?

81trucolors said...

I believe fertility drugs were taken.

Scott said...

You gotta check out True Blood.