Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brett Favre is not insane

I have shied away from most of the Michael Vick and Brett Favre media frenzies because the sporting world is so saturated with all of that. I was literally doubting Favre's sanity after he voluntarily went through arm surgery and then walked away from millions of dollars and a juicy job with the playoff contending Minnesota Vikings. Now NFL.com is reporting that Favre has inked a one year deal with the Vikings to play for them this season. Ok this proves he's not insane.

But at some point, Farve's habitual decision to wait until the midnight hour has to come under scrutiny. The phrase "Give our team the best chance to win" is as hackneyed as any in sports but it's extremely appropriate in this conversation. Is Favre the best QB the Vikings have? Technically yes but with such little time to prepare, he is hurting this team.

Brett, people always talk about you as a warrior, but the enlistment period started a long time ago. Get thee to camp, on the double!


Walker said...

How long did you have to look for the screen shot of Favre in Minnesota colors

Erin said...

Thoughts on whether he just didn't want to do all of camp, so he waited until so late to unretire (again)?

81Trucolors said...

"Thoughts on whether he just didn't want to do all of camp, so he waited until so late to unretire (again)?"

Possible but he could have just said that. Would the Vikings really say no?

Erin said...

Good point, although I imagine such a comment would be less than morale inspiring for the rest of the team, especially if accommodated by the Vikes.

The hatred by some long-time Vikings fans is amusing in the Cities. Apparently having the former QB of an arch rival is equal to treason.