Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Opportunities Siezed and lost

I really shouldn't be writing this now because the list of people who want something from me today is lengthening at a disturbing rate. Quickly, shall we?

So Brett Favre will start for the Vikings. Goody. That leaves only two spots for three arms: Tarvaris Jackson, Sage Rosenfels, and John David Booty.

So who is the odd man out? JDB is cheap, and has never had a chance to show his stuff. The Vikings are likely to keep him and let him develop. Sage just signed for $3 Million guaranteed so I'm guessing the Vikes would like him to earn a little of that cash. Tarvaris on the other hand, had and lost the starting job twice for the Vikings. He at times is the goat of the NFL. But here's what really matters:

Before all this Brett business began, Tarvaris and Sage were supposedly neck and neck in the race for starter. Coach Childress decided that Sage would start the first preseason game and that Tarvaris would start the second. Then they'd both be appraised. Sage played extremely well in game 1 but the coach stuck to his word that he'd decide after game 2.

Then Brett crashed the party (late as always) and must now start preseason game 2. So... Sage looked amazing and thanks to Brett, Tarvaris won't ge his shot. It's possible that T will get some reps in Friday's game but they won't be with the first team offense so he'll never get to show what might have been. My guess is he'll be traded or cut within the week.

If Brett had decided to play for the Vikings before they signed Sage to a fatty contract, Tarvaris would still have a job. Then again, if he hadn't blown it against the Eagles last year he'd probably still have a job too. Sports: the original and still the best reality TV.

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