Thursday, March 03, 2011

Open Letter to Del Monte: Why you are no longer top banana

Thanks to Adventures in Denver (aka Amanda) for this bit of news regarding Del Monte's plan to sell packaged individual bananas. Oh and did you know that this move is being touted by the company as green? You can read blatant attempt at doublespeak in an article posted by Daily Mail. The only thing green about this bogus new plan is the banana itself. Ahem,

I'm writing in response to the unveiling, or should I say the repackaging of your flagship product, the banana. I won't bore you by stating facts that you already know, that the banana comes off the tree clad in a perfect wrapper already, etc.

What is upsetting is that you are touting this wrapper as green. It's not green, it's wasteful and unnecessary. Telling us, your consumers that it's green is simply insulting because it implies that we're stupid.

Selling bananas at gyms and gas stations is a great idea. But please don't  waste this planet. Please consider a return to naked fruit.

When you do, I'll consider buying your brand of products again.

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