Tuesday, April 07, 2009

stART me up

welcome to the first post entitled stART me up, a review of art that is awesome.

Five days ago, I attempted a First Friday Art Walk. Unlike the first time I went, on this occasion, the art was almost as miserable as the weather and a lot less interesting. Even the people watching opportunities ran a little under expectations. That said, I'll definitely be back and here are two of the reasons why:

Matthew Achziger. His about me section has enough typos to make you wince twice (twince?). But people, you don't go to see him write. His artwork is great! Better viewed than described, this link will take you to his portfolio and my favorite piece.(NSFWIYWICP!) notsafeforworkifyourworkiscompletelypathetic

Mark Penner-Howell was without a doubt the shining star last Friday night. He combines many of the things I love to see in artwork: irony, bright colors, a little retro and a lot of talent. I saw a few of these paintings up close and the level of detail was absolutely staggering. MPH has a propensity to juxtapose classic, innocent-looking Americana with stark, nuclear landscapes and/or uncomfortable positions. I think it's swell.


laura-gee said...

would you mind some company next time? i'd really like to get back into the art-critiquing habit, if not an actual art-making habit...

81trucolors said...

Yes please