Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sunday Bloody Sunday

This is not the official Trumie prediction post (please, it's April) but last night, the NFL released the 2009 Denver Broncos Schedule. Ouch, Baby. There is a very ugly potential 0-8 stretch looming here.

Week Day Date Opponent TV
1 Sun. Sept. 13th at Cincinnati CBS4
2 Sun. Sept. 20th vs Cleveland CBS4
3 Sun. Sept. 27th at Oakland CBS4
4 Sun. Oct. 4th vs Dallas FOX
5 Sun. Oct. 11th vs New England CBS4
6 Mon. Oct. 19th at San Diego ESPN
8 Sun. Nov. 1st at Baltimore CBS4
9 Mon. Nov. 9th vs Pittsburgh ESPN
10 Sun. Nov. 15th at Washington CBS4
11 Sun. Nov. 22nd vs San Diego CBS4
12 Thurs. Nov. 26th vs N.Y. Giants NFLN
13 Sun. Dec. 6th at Kansas City CBS4
14 Sun. Dec. 13th at Indianapolis CBS4
15 Sun. Dec. 20th vs Oakland CBS4
16 Sun. Dec. 27th at Philadelphia CBS4
17 Sun. Jan. 3rd vs Kansas City CBS4


GnightMoon said...

Agreed the middle is savage...and the end isn't pretty either...but we never know just how these teams are actually going to be. Maybe Indy will stink. Maybe Wash will too. Having said that getting to 3-0 looks very attainable - those three should all be projected to be amongst the league's worst.

GnightMoon said...

Also, we should attend the Pittsburgh Monday night game.