Thursday, May 07, 2009

(apparently) Only Posers Use the Word 'Drop'

I've been told that my credibility suffers every time I use the word 'drop' to describe the emergence of new tracks and albums.

It's been a rough couple of weeks in the music world. The Peaches album seems meh and the few Passion Pit songs I've heard just sound like they're trying to get a little too much Oracular Spectacular on me.

WILT: a very random collection. Some old, some new, some electronic. Could we be seeing the twilight of Truman's upbeat chick rock phase?

Starsailor - Four to the Floor (Thin White Duke Remix) - YouTube
FttF is a couple years old but I freaking love this song.

Kriss Kross - Jump - YouTube
As a fifth grader, this was the first modern song I can remember hearing. Thanks to Dad for introducing me to The Who, Talking Heads, Doors, Stones, Elvis, etc but when Ryan Shanahan called and breathlessly told me to turn on the radio to hear something from "this decade," I couldn't get enough. I promptly wore my clothes backwards to school the following day. Yep.

One EskimO - Givin' Up (Don Diablo Remix) - YouTube
This dropped a couple of OHMYGODHEUSEDTHEWORDDROP!AHAHAHAHAWHATAPOSER! weeks ago. Have you ever heard a sappy, easy listening type song and just wanted to give it a little backbone? So has Don Diablo. The only difference is he actually did something about it. This track is more catchy than swine flu. I'd love to see Don D try his hand at a Gnarls Barkley song. Enjoy.

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Walker said...

I have that four to the floor song if you need it. I dig it.