Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Rain

As I sit here on the couch, I can see the rain falling on green grass and my little car. There is a weird man walking by. He has short red shorts, no shoes, and I can see every muscle in his very defined thighs.

I've been thinking a lot recently about how I want to be in the world, and of the nature and breadth of my relationships. I've spent the last decade telling other people how great I am but in hindsight, I'm not sure that is actually true. Many of my relationships are actually quite shallow. I'm the King Collector of Acquaintances. Rarely have I actually put in the time necessary to build lasting friendships.

I also often act in certain ways because I believe that "that's how it's done." As a result, many of my relationships follow quite predictable paths.

I'd like to take more time to be with the people in my life. Rather than constantly telling them how great I am, I'd like to find out how great they are.

By they, of course, I mean you. You are actually quite awesome.


laura-gee said...

aw shucks, thanks. we have a feeling you're pretty great, too.

I realize now that 1st friday,may, came and went. did you get out and look at some art?

Anonymous said...

we totally know the guy about whom you speak. I am losing to the french keyboard. for the record if I were to type as if I was on my keyboard it would look like this. "i zould like to buy q hq,burger" so you can see my frustration, and why our blog posts take F-ing forever. (Glad the fish and cat and plants are alive!)


Anonymous said...

Why thank you. You're pretty darn awesome yourself.

willowjp4 said...

I've been working agaisn't the 'should' as of late, which is similar to your 'that's how it's done'. I'm letting things happen instead of trying to make things happen. A wu wei way of being if you will. I'm never home, but I will be soon. Let's ponder the mysteries of our personal universes together over adult refershments some time.

For the record, of what I know, you are quite awesome.

GnightMoon said...

I tend to agree with what you've said here and hope you follow through.

JESSIE said...

:) Hug. Love you, too, buddy.