Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Graduate

Congratulations to Walker Bradley, graduating with honors today from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

In his time at CU, Walker moved from a tepid interest in Engineering to absolute fanaticism in International Affairs, Oceanography, and French. His knowledge of military history is so deep that in several classes, the T.A.s would check with him to make sure they were on point. Walker finished his senior year with a beastly thesis providing insight into the Pakistan/Kashmir water crises. He also took up tango dancing and joined the CU fencing team, eventually leading them to a first place victory in Albuquerque.

In his spare time he traveled to S. Africa, Pakistan, India, and China, and volunteered to lead crews of boy scouts into the Colorado Plateau wilderness. Finally, and possibly most importantly, few stories of his college days will fail to include Jessica, whom he met, fell in love with, and managed to woo.

Well played, sir, and welcome to the real world.

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