Thursday, January 29, 2009

Letter to a Professor

Some dialogue my professor and I are having. FYI, he is on a forced sabbatical because the class before mine raised hell about their grades. Going into the final I had a very high A.

Professor ______,

I would very much like to see how my final compares to one of A quality. I cannot in good conscience accept a 62.5% on a final that I felt absolutely great about without at least seeing my exam, the standard by which it was measured, and your comments. I know that in the grand scheme of things, there isn't that much difference between an overall grade of A versus an A- but for me this is about taking pride in my work.

I understand that you are on sabbatical. I'm guessing this means you don't want to be plagued with issues like this one. I have 180 days to officially contest this grade, 1/3 of which has already elapsed. What do you suggest?


Kezza said...

Wait, I thought you did really well on all of your finals?? What class was this for?

I think one of the most valuable thing I learned in Grad school was dealing with the bureaucracy of professors, departments, etc. There's always something.

Professor _______ said...

Gotcha bitch!!