Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I hate to say this but the Broncos should begin the offseason by trading Champ Bailey while he still has a few miles left. A good cornerback is all but useless when a D-line can't generate pressure. The Broncos need to build the foundation of their defense before they worry about a luxury like cornerback. The ideal situation would be to trade Champ for a badass edge rusher like Patrick Kerney or John Abraham but I'm not sure anyone would make that kind of trade. The Broncos could however get draft picks; I'm guessing a second and a fifth or perhaps even a second and a fourth.

Who needs a cornerback? The Bears, Packers, Rams, and Falcons.

Broncos newly appointed head coach Josh McDaniel is from New England. He needs to ask himself one question: What would Bill Belichick do?


Nappy said...

Are you drunk or something? When champ was healthy (IE: New england game), he was able to shut down the other team's #1 receiver option even with an anemic pass rush. I agree that a pass-rusher is important but your team is no better off having a bunch of dre bly's running around in the secondary...trade for a 2nd/4th round so you could draft a deltha o'neal?

Bag said...

I'm with Nap, keep the Champ.

GnightMoon said...

Hopefully McDaniels & co. are not as nutty as you