Friday, January 16, 2009

Missed Connections

Craigslist Missed Connections. It's what makes America great. Ok I guess they actually have CL worldwide. Point is, there aren't that many places where a person can declare their love, lust, or admiration. True, many of them are way too bland to have a chance:
I want you - W4M
I SO want you too. I think we are just not communicating in the right way. We both just need to get over our ego's and go for it. I'm game if you are.
Some of them are actually quite funny:
Shocked by my cucumber - W4M
Look. English cucumbers go for $1.50 each at the Midvale Harmon's on 7th East. That's right. Each.

So while you were standing next to me gawking as I tried to find the biggest, individually, shrink-wrapped English cucumber, I thought I would just politely explain why I was being so picky. It struck me afterwards why you might have been a bit traumatized, Mr. Three Cans of Rock Star energy drink, 4 donuts, and one tub of potato salad, after I told you that "size really does matter, you know..."

$1.50 each! That means I pay the same for a short, stubby one. A crooked, bumpy one. A long, firm one. A soft, mushy one. An average-lengthed, chubby one... So yes, if I pay the same no matter what, I wanted a long, chubby, firm English cucumber for the money, thankyouverymuch.

But if you aren't too traumatized from our interaction, I'm single (and I'm guessing you are too, Mr. Three Cans of Rock Star, 4 donuts, and one tub of potato salad). Come on over and I'll feed you. Care for a salad? I can omit the cucumber...

At it's best though, the Craigslist missed connections constitute a hopelessly small slice of romance in a very large digital world. The odds of making that connection are incredibly improbable. Here's what has to happen:
  1. The right person has to actually read the post
  2. They have to realize it's about them
  3. Then most improbable yet: They have to feel the same way.
But it does happen.

Ok so before you think I've lost it, I don't actually read these very often. I never read them sober and I'm never looking for people looking for me. It's entertainment people.

But then again... How could you be certain unless you actually read them?


TheGraveWolf said...

There is no option in the poll to actually vote for more comments...

GambleGambel said...

Interested in any link swapping?

Kezza said...

What Wolf said!

81trucolors said...

Blogger is telling me that I cannot change the poll once someone has voted.

Walker said...

Off topic I really like the new layout, it's much easier to read and no annoying ads.

Phil said...

I like the new site, your top picture is pimp. I look forward to seeing you next weekend.

Anonymous said...

Being a barista on pearl st for three years, i checked CL missed connections alot... i only had one that i know felt great!

you should see the movie in search of a midnight kiss...its about that...and as you can guess by its title...its sweet.


willowjp4 said...

First - I'm a punk for not remembering why your lj wasn't updating.

Two - I love reading the MC section.

Three - the world of improbability is grand.