Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cutting (dead )Weight

Apparently the Godfather isn't the only place where you can see severed horse heads. According to, the Denver Broncos just cut TEs Alex Haynes and Chad Mustard, RBs P.J. Pope and Anthony Aldridge, and WR Clifford Russell. Russell, Mustard and Haynes were complete nonproducers. However, the two RBs cut by newly anointed Head Coach Josh McDaniels, both showed promise to me. Tough break, I guess.

The Broncos need two backs to carry the load. With a healthy Ryan Torain, my choice for second back is actually veteran Michael Pittman. The Broncos will never do it because Pittman is considered over the hill but he runs very hard, has great hands, and is willing to get his hands dirty. He also can act as mentor for Torain.

Speaking of cuts, although i could name at least 20, here are five other players the Broncos should cut immediately:

Tatum Bell (RB): Bell is to the NFL what Scorpion ("Get Over Here") was to the video game Mortal Combat. He has one sweet move ("Bell tries to bounce it to the outside!") but once you figure out how to counter it, he's really not very good.

Marquand Manuel (S): Every single person who played safety last year for the Broncos should be on the street.

Karl Paymah (CB): This kid tries hard but that only really counts in Pop Warner.

Carlton Powell (DT): Carlton Powell perfectly embodies the prototypical (horrific) Denver D-linemen. He, like everyone not named Dumerville, is a no-talent no-name. Let's clean house and draft some guys who can actually play football.

Matt Prater (K): Rookie kickers face a lot of pressure in the NFL but that's the nature of the business. The Broncos can do better.

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