Saturday, February 21, 2009

LA Poker Classic

Today is Day 1 of the LA Poker Classic. Due to a contractual snafu, the media coverage is going to be terrible. The best place for online updates appears to be PokerNews but there may also be a dribble from Cardplayer and PokerListings. I'll update as I can but since Paul and I are trying a new and much more involved game plan for tournament days, I may or may not be able to post regular updates. Paul is at Table 37, seat 7. His table is unlikely to break today as they are breaking the extra tables in the "poker tent" first, and then breaking in descending order from Table 66 on down. I don't recognize anyone at Paul's table but since I don't know all that many players and half of Paul's opponents have pulled hoods on their head, this isn't saying much. Keep your fingers crossed!

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GnightMoon said... is the best for WPT events.