Monday, February 23, 2009

Well above average

I used to be forced to listen to Garison Keiller's tales from Lake Wobegone, where blah blah blah and all the children are above average.

Well Paul is still in the tournament and his 120k stack is well above average. His play has been phenomenal. Yesterday he eliminated a player early on to get his day rolling. Then when Isaac Haxton took his place, Paul began picking on him, whittling him down. Once Haxton got desperate and pushed all-in Paul finished the job. He also snapped off a bluff from Karga Holt and managed to keep the ever dangerous Nick Schulman from doing any damage.

There are 170 people left. The survivors from today will definitely make the money. Stay tuned...


KermyFrag said...

Thanks for updating Truman! Wish I could be there ;)

Kezza said...

Wow, this is exciting! I love the suspense factor!