Monday, February 09, 2009

A penny saved

You can't spell Mismanagement without G-M. Here are the top 5 salary cap figures by position in the NFL. These numbers do reflect teams' abilities to wiggle. Since salaries are not guaranteed in the NFL, teams try to push a player's salary into later years. Since injuries are inevitable, they hope to save money and avoid a tough decision. That said, many players survive long enough to put pressure on GMs. That list reflects who's due in 09.

Jamal Lewis (due 6.5M) will be restructuring or selling cell phones.
LT (due 7.8M) should do what J Lew does but he probably won't. He could be the next Shaun Alexander (MVP to out of work in the blink of an eye)
Marvin Harrison (due 12M) isn't worth even half of this. (How are Anquan Boldin and Fitz not on this list?)
Champ Bailey (due 12.7M) should be traded by the Denver Broncos.
Orlando Pace (due 8.2M) is getting a little old and injury prone for this type of cash.
Julius Peppers (due 14.1M!!!) will be wearing a different uniform come September.
Defensive Tackle: Shaun Rogers and Jay Ratliff should be on this list instead of Tommie Harris and Cornelius Griffen.

Three teams had mulitiple players on this list but failed to make the playoffs:
  • Bears: Tommie Harris, Robbie Gould (this should really only count as 1.2 players though)
  • Bills: Aaron Schobel, Lee Evans
  • Rams: Orlando Pace, Tory Holt
  • Browns: Kellen Winslow, Joe Thomas, Jamal Lewis


GnightMoon said...

Dan Klecko $10.6m!!? That can't be right can it? Reading his wikipedia makes me think that is a misprint.
Kinda stunning that Peppers is the highest-paid non-QB in the league.
Reading this was the first I ever heard of "Cornelius Griffin."
Tommie Harris plays for the Bears. You're thinking of Tommy Kelly (who is a defensive tackle with a laughable contract).
Daniel Graham at 4.1m may have to go.

81trucolors said...

Thanks, made the change re TH