Thursday, February 05, 2009

Valentine's Day Quandary?

Are you feeling lonely? Been spending every single freaking night alone? If so, you probably have realized that Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Since we both know you have no one for whom to buy ridiculous crap, it's time to envelop yourself in Mother Nature's warm embrace instead. Let's see if Cupid can bare his ass above treeline:

What: Winter ascent of a 14er or high 13er.
When: Valentine's Day Weekend
Where: Elbert, Quandary, Sherman, or ????
Who: You, if you are very physically fit and have lots of cold weather gear.

Barring another nasty stomach bug, I'm 100% doing this. You should too. Comment or email me asap if interested.


Kezza said...

Damn, I totally would, but I'll be numbing my pain on the couch with lots of movies. Foot pain, not Valentine's pain!! :-P

But hopefully you can help me train for Longs Peak later this summer!

Ethan & Amanda Foulkes said...

I love your enthusiasm about the upcoming holiday... enjoy the 'refreshing' weather up there.

Anonymous said...

that sounds like a lot of fun